Advantages of Training - Adding Value to Your Organization

Many executives have a jaded view when asked about providing training to employees. They think about the budget and whether it will provide a Return On Investment. The answer is simple: Yes, training can provide a massive return on investment if it is rolled out correctly.

The following aspects of training should be adhered to:

• Qualified Facilitators/Trainers
• Quality Learning Material
• Accredited Training Providers
• Does the Services Provider understand your industry? i.e the day to day running of the business?
• Is their training content customised?
• Do they provide learning support?
• Does the service provider measure progress? Is an assessment tool used?
• Are you spending money on training to meet budgets or to improve productivity in your business?

Learning is used to:

• Improve performance at work
• Improve turnaround time
• Increase productivity
• Increase profits

There is a wider impact in the organisation through performance improvements, such as:

• Job satisfaction
• Employee motivation and morale is increased
• Employee turnover is reduced
• & the increase in productivity directly improves the profitability of the business.

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