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People and business development for increased productivity.


Bizzco’s advisory service exists because we know that no business exists without people, the people are the business. It, therefore stands to reason that a skilled workforce is a key element to the success of a business. The emphasis and attention placed on developing people will directly relate to the productivity and motivational levels experienced by the business.

A structured approach to people development provides a business and its employees with tools to manage and grow this fundamental aspect.

Including the following:

Process Audit

& Procedures


Competency Frameworks

Progression Map

Gap Analysis

HR Aligned to the Supply Chain

The Human Resources team in a business are skilled in many aspects of people management and legislation but are not very often familiar with the tasks and duties at detail level in the Supply Chain.

This is where we can help. We understand both the people aspects and the operational aspects of the job roles and detailed tasks in the supply chain. We can work with an HR team to impart a greater understanding of the link between process and people in the supply chain.

Procedure Mapped to Change Management

Implementing new strategy and systems often results in a new way of doing things.  A mistake that is often made when embarking on change within an organisation is that the necessity for the change does not filter through to the people who actually need to do the job.  Relaying and implementing new systems and operational strategy requires a structured approach.

The primary focus should be to ensure that proper instruction is given to the entire team on the reason for the change, the impact of the change and the expected outcomes of the change. The best route to achieving this is to design an instructional guide which combines all the elements of process, procedure, objects with fundamental learning necessary to make the project a success.

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