BIZZCO Celebrates SAPICS Endorsement

09 June 2022

In a world of continuous supply chain disruption, it is comforting to know that there are organisations with long-standing credentials who are here to support the industry. SAPICS is one such organisation. SAPICS will be hosting its 44th annual conference at Century City – Cape Town this month. And this will once again be an in-person event, much to the delight of regular participants.

To remain relevant in the dynamic global supply chain world, SAPICS is continuously reinventing itself. The SAPICS board actively seeks new ways to positively influence the industry.  The SAPICS tag line, To elevate, educate and empower the community of supply chain professional across Africa, spells it out very well.

SAPICS Endorsement

For us at BIZZCO, having our accredited skills programmes endorsed by SAPICS is truly a feather in our cap. We treasure our relationships with SAPICS and value its endorsement of our online training programmes. As specialists in the field of education for the supply chain industry, being recognised by such a prestigious body gives us a differential in our market. Our online programmes speak to the challenges faced daily in the supply chain and operations of business.

Knowing what inventory to have to meet demand is an experience which every business faces. And this does not happen by chance; careful planning is required to achieve this. Matching the demand with supply means having a solid understanding of procurement processes and implementing just-in-time strategies to ensure the right amount of inventory is available at the right time, and at the right price.

Manufacturers cannot afford to produce goods that do not shape up to their competitors. Global markets have changed forever the standards by which manufacturers measure themselves. To compete, the strictest quality standards are implemented and managed. Bring into this equation the need to eliminate waste, both in terms of processes and in terms of environmental awareness, adds an additional challenge. Waste eats away at profit and without adequate control, what may have been a profitable business, no longer is.

Effective warehouse practices which work towards the inclusive involvement of all team members is a very different approach to the outdated concept of “doers” in the warehouse rather than “thinkers”. In this ever-changing world, where new technological advances are developing every day, jobs are evolving to meet these challenges, while those who can’t adapt will be left behind. The warehouse is a place where responsibility and accountability are key success factors.

The team leaders of today bring new skills to leading and guiding their teams. Every activity in the operational environment must be measured and when targets are not met, there are consequences to the business if these are not adhered

Accredited Training

The good news is that education providers such as BIZZCO, are incorporating these new philosophies into their learning programmes. Choose one of BIZZCO’s South African accredited skills programmes to give your operational teams the best chance for success. Accreditation is important to both the employer and the employee as it means that stringent quality requirements have been met.

The knock-on effect of choosing accredited and endorsed training programmes is productivity, profitability and effective and happy teams.

Written by Greta Froise. Managing Director  |CPIM, CSCP | Bizzco, Supply Chain Smart

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