Business Process Audit

Highlighting process weaknesses and showing the big picture.


A common complaint expressed by managers is that they do not know what is happening at the grass roots level of their operations. This is particularly relevant when operating plants and divisions for which they are responsible are regionally based. Consistency in processes used in each operation is very important, but so often this does not happen.

These inconsistencies often manifest as inefficiencies with in the operation which cannot be easily explained. A drop in customer service levels or stocks outs due to poor material planning are often the result of processes that go awry.

Our Approach

Our highly skilled supply chain consultants are able to identify problem areas within the supply chain and very quickly get to the root problem. An audit of the adherence to business practices and processes will highlight inconsistencies, workarounds, communication gaps and impractical procedures.

In our workshop, we will make use of brown paper mapping techniques to visually display tasks and activities linked to processes. Process owners are interviewed and given the opportunity to describe the day to day tasks and activities.

What to Expect

A Business Process Audit will provide insight into the detailed tasks which are happening very day and to identify breakdowns in the communication channels. This exercise will also map the interactions between operations within the process-flow, identify duplications of work, identify bottlenecks and highlight areas where unresolved issues are not being dealt with. Reports which identify quick wins and long term improvement projects are presented along with graphical representation of processes.

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