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These Great Companies choose Bizzco

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Distell builds competency frameworks for the planning team.

Distell chose Bizzco to develop competency frameworks for their planning team. We created the framework and built role-based job profiles for each role and developed an assessment tool to assess the skill levels against the competency framework. The outcome of this process was a clear understanding of the competencies needed for each role and the competencies that existing within the team. Addressing the gaps with training became the next step.

CBI Electric embarks on Learnerships in Manufacturing.

Learnerships combine workplace application with learning interventions to give employees the best of both worlds. Not only do they get the skills and knowledge that they require, but they also have a mentor who guides them through the workplace application. CBI Electric chose Bizzco to deliver the training for their production team.

Amka Products improves planning processes.

Amka Products runs a tight ship when it comes to their manufacturing processes. With a whole range of highly sought after consumer products, planning is a critical element to achieving success in meeting customer expectations. Bizzco’s Planning and Scheduling Skills Program provided the right level of skills for their planning crew to ensure that materials are there when they are needed and that production can meet their output plans.

Botswana Ash redefines ERP processes and improves functionality.

Botswana Ash, like so many other companies, found that over time the use of their ERP functionality diminished. This typically happens when the transfer of knowledge is left to departing employees and they only pass on limited knowledge of functionality. Botswana Ash recognised the need to up skill both on SYSPRO, their ERP system, and to review processes which highlights skills gaps in foundational knowledge. Bizzco provided consulting services to review processes and improve ERP effectiveness and to train all operational staff.

Steinweg Group builds competency assessments.

Being able to identify skills gaps is an excellent tool for any Human Resources and Learning and Development team. Knowing that these can be on-line and be customised to measure the competencies required for specific job roles in supply chain makes for a winning combination. C. Steinweg chose Bizzco to design customised assessments used to measure skills gaps within the organisation providing excellent results.

Dundee Precious Metals provides training to supply chain staff.

Dundee Precious Metals is based in the north of Namibia where they run a smelting operation. Being in a fairly remote location means that material planning and stock control for the operations is a very important function. Certain key stock items are critical to the successful running of the plant and need to be managed effectively. Bizzco’s training programs focused on handling dangerous goods and managing engineering stock for plants was just what was needed.

Epiroc chooses on line-training for their warehouse personnel.

After conducting competency assessments for their warehouse employees, it became easy to see what the training requirements were for the team. Epiroc chose to put their warehouse staff on a Learnership at NQF3, but they wanted to give the team the best learning experience, so they chose the Bizzco on-line Learnership option. The team were tremendously excited about the opportunity given to them and embraced the digital experience.

ID Logistics opts for on-line learning for their operational staff.

ID Logistics identified a number of people across their regional organisation who had been earmarked to go onto Learnerships. The problem was that, not only were they scattered around the country, but they were also at different skills levels and therefore needed to attend different Learnerships. This potentially presented a challenge because the numbers did not add up to make up the required quorum for classroom based training. This is why Bizzco’s on-line learning option was such as attractive option for ID Logistics, learners could download their lessons to a device and do their learning at any time and not be restricted to classroom times.

Katanga Mining upgrades policy and procedures.

As with any business, operational changes occur and there comes a time to evaluate the usefulness of existing policy and procedures. Kantanga Mining in the DRC reached that point and called Bizzco to provide a consulting service to revise and rewrite all operational policy and procedures. Aligning these with day to day tasks and activities provides an excellent starting point for all personnel to embrace change for the better.

Kemtek improves operational control with Learnerships.

Kemtek are leading the way with their innovative printing solutions. In order to stay ahead, they need to remain focused on developing skills and keeping up to date with trends in the supply chain environment. By choosing Bizzco to provides Learnerships in warehousing and operational planning, they not only are giving their employees the gift of education, but also improving their own.

KWE chooses Warehouse and Stock Learnership.

KWE had a group of learners who they needed to put onto a Learnership in Warehouse and Stock Management. The problem they faced was that they ran a really tight operation and having their warehouse employees out of the office for any extended period of time meant that their operation would be impacted. To solve this problem, they looked at the time which has the least impact of the operation and opted for an after-hours solution. Bizzco’s flexible classroom time offering was a win for KWE.

Komatsu embraces change with planning skills.

As the Joy Global planning team prepared for a business change with the merge with Komatsu, so the planning skills were under the spot light. The competency assessments helped the team to identify the correct level of training needed and a comprehensive Planning and Scheduling Skills Program was launched for the whole planning team. The team chose Bizzco because of our practical approach to this subject which covers about demand management, materials planning and the scheduling process.

Microelectrica Scientifica embraced skills development.

A “culture of learning” is one of the keystones for Microelectrica Scientifica’s human resources philosophy. They identified individuals in which they saw potential and chose Bizzco to provide learning options. Having different people requiring different training interventions, on-line Learnerships was a natural choice because it meant that they did not have to make up the required minimum numbers for classroom based training, and the training did not impact on the normal working day.

Namibian University of Science and Technology partners with Bizzco.

Having access to a partner who specialises in the field of Supply Chain and Operations Management can give a university an edge. With the extensive offering of certifications and short courses, Bizzco was a natural selection for NUST to partner with. Through our collaboration, we have introduced a Global certification in Purchasing and Procurement with a number of elective streams. This is the start of a highly successful collaboration.

UNISWA embraces customer service.

Customer service is a key element for any business, and no less so that for a university. Every person involved in the administration is exposed to students and customers. Learning the best approach and methodologies for customer service had become a UNISWA philosophy. They choose Bizzco to assist with training many divisions and individuals in this valuable skill.

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