Communication & Business Skills Courses

Communications skills and essential tools for team leaders.


Communication in the workplace means being able to not only read and write correctly, but also being able to present information in such a way that it is easy to understand. Using these skills to present reports, conduct meetings and teach others within the workplace and essential tools for the team leader.

Communication & Business Skills Courses:

GWIPLM04 - Working in a Business

Working for a company means that we need to understand how businesses operate to make the most of our contribution to the company’s success. Businesses function through a set of standards and processes which all personnel should be familiar with.

GIRPLM03 - Business Communication

Communication is two-way street. There is a sender and a receiver. It is important to be able to communicate effectively – both in receiving communication and sending it out. It can help in business as well as personal interactions, and although it does not come naturally to everyone – with some focus, it is a skill that can be developed.

GIRPLM04 - Calculations and Statistics

Mathematics, numbers, statistics and budgets are used every day in the supply chain. As Operational Practitioners, knowing how to identify and solve problems, how to interpret statistics and how to optimize space usage are some of the key skills you will learn in this module.

GIRPLM03 - Managing Finances

Understanding finances and managing budgets is an importance aspect for all business managers and supervisors. Everything that happens in the business has an influence on the finances and cash flow. How to interpret financial reports and how to manage a budget are covered in this short course.

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