Competency Assessments

Skills Gap analysis for building competencies.


You might find yourself with a situation where you know you need training for your staff, but you don’t know what training courses, or what level of training you need. If you knew where the skills gaps were, you could identify training interventions to meet the need, but finding the skills gaps is the problem. This is where the Bizzco competency assessments can help. We have developed Job Role specific competency assessments for all roles in the supply chain, and even better, if you have specific role you need to measure, we can customise for you.

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How Does it Work?

Each job role has a number of competencies that are needed for a person to be effective in the role, this includes interpersonal competencies, management competencies, literacy competencies, technical competencies, supply chain competencies etc. With our extensive database of questions, developed over years and alligned to best practice, we can measure the skills level in each of these competencies and provide you with a set of meaningful results. Through our web-based assessment process, areas of strengths and weaknesses are identified which are necessary to perform a job role. The reports you get will provide you with the opportunity to eliminate wasteful expenditure on the wrong training, and rather guide you on exactly what training is needed.

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What Can I Use this For?

Competency assessments can be used for a number of purposes such as identifying skills gaps and short listing for placements. The key to making an assessment valuable is to measure all competencies required to the job role and to provide reporting that makes your job easier.

Competency assessments can be used for:

Skills Gaps

for Recruitment




You can build your own asessments, specific to your own processes and job roles. Choose the competiencies that you need to measure, choose the level that is relevant to the role and we will design assessments which can be used whenever you have a need.

What else Can I Do with Assessments?

Indivual competencies can also be measured. For example, if you need to test a group of people on their mathematical skills, you are able to choose a short assessment based on only one competency. This is an excellent tool for identifying skills within a team, or to use for shortlisting when recruiting.

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