Competency Frameworks

A Competency Framework is a powerful tool which provides structure to the role and performance measurements.


A Competency Framework is a detailed description of the behaviours, attributes and skills required within a particular job function or working context. A Competency Framework enables us to map out skills required for a particular job role, which then provides a solid foundation for the development of outcomes bases job descriptions and future competency assessments.

Our Approach

We conduct a project workshop with team leaders to identify competencies required for each role. The organisational chart and job roles provide a solid foundation for the development if Competency Frameworks. We use a brown paper mapping techniques to record the findings and unpack each role.

What to Expect

By communication competencies to employees, organisations are able to empower employees to take charge of their own personal development and continually self-evaluate and improve.

A competency Framework provides meaningful information for Human Resource planning, training and development planning, functional heads and aspirational employees.

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