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Choose Bizzco‘s self-study route with our Learner Management Sytem and online assessments.

Learn Online

Learning outside of the traditional classroom environment is fast becoming a new trend. Self-paced learning means that you can set your own goals and complete certifications in record time. You can choose from full qualifications, Skills Programs and Short courses to enhance your knowledge.

You have access to our Learner Support Team throughout your learning experience.

Some features of our learning styles include:

  • Self-paced study materials
  • Can do your whole learning program through a mobile phone app
  • Downloadable study guides
  • Low data usage
  • Interactive learning elements include summary animations for every lesson
  • Speak to a real person on our support desk if you experience difficulties

What are the Available Options?

  • Remote access to a classroom – a learner uses wifi and remote-classroom software to participate in the class with physically being present. The learner can communicate with the facilitator and other participants at all times for the duration of the lesson
  • On-line courses – the learner downloads their lessons to a device (computer, tablet, smart phone) and studies off-line, an animation summarising the lesson is available for most lessons, a quiz is taken on line and all assignments and Final Summative Assessments (FSA’s) are done on line.

This video clip explains the process and gives more insight into this option:

Contact us to learn more about distance and online learning.

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