Inventory & Replenishment Practices Courses

The function of materials and inventory means having an understanding of where inventory demand comes from. For every inventory item that a business holds, there are a set of rules which determine the frequency and volumes of ordering. This range of courses provides insight into these requirements.


Bizzco offers a number of options in the field of Inventory, Materials and Replenishment Management. An accredited certification in this field will keep your team up to date on current practices. We teach productivity and give your business a much better chance of being successful and seeing a return on investment.

Choose between a full Learnership, a Skills Program or a Short Course.

Learning options include classroom based learning, remote access learning and on-line learning.

Inventory & Replenishment Practices Courses:

SCML02 - Gen Man: Inventory Replenishment & Logistics

Managing inventory and understanding the rules related to having the right inventory at the right time is an important skill. In this Learnership we unpack inventory replenishment and the cost of ordering, and the cost of not ordering, at the right time. The distribution network is a crucial element of meeting customer demands and we discuss this in the Learnership.

SCMSP26 - Inventory Team Leader

This skills program is ideal for delegates that seeks growth in the inventory and logistics environment and wants to expand their knowledge and add skillsets to their profile. The course looks at the management of both inventory and the inventory replenishment cycle, logistics operations and designing a distribution network for the movement of goods. The role of a team leader in the inventory environment and the alignment to business objectives and code of conduct are explored.

SCMSP06 - Principles of Inventory Control

A comprehensive and effective skills program where learners will cover the fundamentals of Inventory Management as well as learning about different types of inventory and their costs. Inventory analysis and order quantities are covered in depth. The role of distribution management and the distribution network are included.

GWIPLM05 - The Importance and Value of Inventory

Every business that sells products has a supply chain. The management of the inventory can make a business a success or a failure. In this course you will learn the influence that inventory has on the Supply chain and the importance that inventory has in achieving success.

GIRPLM01 - Inventory in the Supply Chain

For businesses which manufacture and sell products, the management of the inventory which they own is critical to the success of the business. Identification of different types of inventory and implementing performance metrics to measure our inventory are discussed in this course.

GSMPLM03 - Inventory Value and Replenishment

Each inventory item has a value, and the combined value of all inventories must be accurate – why? In this course, we discover how inventory is valued and what this means to the financial statements of the business.

GIRPLM06 - Inventory Management Methods

Inventory management is an important concept in the Supply Chain. Without effective inventory management, the company can face losses – not only financially but with reputation and with customers.  Understanding what inventory is, and the reason we hold it is very important.

GIRPLM07 - Lead Time and Order Review Methodologies

As businesses grow and develop, they must create a strategic plan on how this growth and development will take place. This module focuses on the long-term planning and business strategies required to keep a company ahead of the market and on track with what is required to keep them sustainable in the long run.

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