Job Profiles

We design job profiles which link to tasks and activities.


A Job Profile, or job description, is traditionally a document that is seldom referred to and, in most cases, is certainly not used as tool for empowerment.

By changing the emphasis of this all important document into something that can be referred to on a regular basis, and used to measure the performance of an employee, it becomes a much more meaningful document. Identifying each task and providing a measurement of how a task should be done is what we do when designing Outcomes Based Job Descriptions.

Our Approach

The Bizzco team has a wealth of experience in the Supply Chain arena. Job Profiles are so often written by people who do not understand the role, or how the role impacts on other areas within the supply chain.

This is the expertise that we bring to this service offering; we know how supply chains work and what the roles and responsibilities are for the roles in the supply chain.

What to Expect

The job profiles that we offer are written by someone who understands the role. Our consultants come from a background in supply chain and operations management and have much value to add to the required competencies and measurements for each role.

The Job Profiles that we develop are detailed and comprehensive providing task level activities and measurements.

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