Logistics & Distribution Courses

Logistics and distribution is the critical movement of inventory function throughout the supply chain.


Logistics and distribution is the critical movement of inventory function throughout the supply chain. It involves the process of bringing goods into your business, managing them whilst in your control and distributing them to multiple destinations, whether within your own country or across borders.

Logistics & Distribution Courses:

SCML12 Learnership: Logistics in the Supply Chain

The purpose of this course is to provide learners with the competencies required to engage in the processes and inter-relationships across the supply chain so as to create sustainable value for organisations. This qualification is aimed at overcoming the traditional functional approach to operations and management, and at fostering supply chain integration to the advantage of all stakeholders.

TETA Accredited Learnership Elective Stream – Logistics in the Supply Chain NQF5 151 Credits.

US0408 Short Course: Manage Logistics Operations

This course is ideal for a delegate that seeks growth in the logistics environment, and wants to expand their knowledge and add skillsets to their profile. The course looks at managing logistics operations and designing a distribution network of the goods.

TETA Accredited Unit Standard NQF4 113835 12 Credits.

US0409 Short Course: Dangerous Goods Handling

Dangerous goods refers to any materials or products that need special care when being handled and stored. Different types of material require differ care and knowing how to handle these goods is fundamentally important to a Warehouse Practitioner. This course explains the different codes, the handling requirements for these codes, and the storage and transportation requirements for different types of dangerous and hazardous goods.

TETA Accredited Unit Standard NQF4 242996 4 Credits.

US0411 Short Course: Warehouse and Distribution Management

Distribution and transportation of goods requires a certain amount of planning and preparation. Getting this important role wrong can result in a number of issues which do not bode well for customer service. In this course, we look at warehouse management and how technology makes activities efficient, we look at the planning process for transporting products and we look at the attention which needs to be paid to the return of products back to our warehouse.

TETA Accredited Unit Standard NQF4 336704 10 Credits.

US0412 Short Course: Implement Strategic Logistics Systems

This course describes what logistics is and will teach learners to design and draw a logistics system, and then analyse it to identify areas where improved performance and/or integration can enhance the effectiveness of the total supply chain.

TETA Accredited Unit Standard NQF5 336740 10 credits.

US0413 Short Course: Fundamentals of International Trade

This course provides learners with an understanding of the need for and the possible barriers to international trade. Globalization has had an enormous impact on trading with international partners but legislation and trade policy must be understood to take advantage of this.

TETA Accredited Unit Standard NQ6 336705 5 Credits.

US0414 Short Course: Design a Distribution Network

The distribution network has many stakeholders and participants. This courses takes the learner on a journey to identify and analyse the various aspects that can impact the design of a successful distribution network. Whatever strategies are implemented related to the distribution network must align with the strategic direction of the organisation.

TETA Accredited Unit Standard NQF6 336703 5 Credits.

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