Maintaining Stronger, Productive Teams

Know your team’s strengths and weaknesses

In order for employers to know what empowerment program they need to employ in your workplace, they need to first understand the strengths and weaknesses of their teams.

This can be done by:

• Measuring current knowledge base using Competency assessments
• Measuring the current productivity to the desired organizational productivity goals

Through our web-based assessment process, areas of strengths and weaknesses are identified which are necessary to perform a job role. The reports you get will provide you with the opportunity to eliminate wasteful expenditure on the wrong training, and rather guide you on exactly what training is needed.

Offer support and Realistic goals

We specialize in providing the best quality training for practitioners in the operations and supply chain environment.

We work with a team to see the big picture and understand the impact that their job role has on the larger supply chain.

We help to identify the key improvements that a business wants to achieve through training and assist with monitoring the progress.

Do not let 2020 go to waste, you can still empower your teams

Circumstances have forced us into a position where working remotely is fast becoming a way of life. Learning new skills online is a natural extension of working remotely and Bizzco have become experts at developing online learning programs and short courses.

Our methodology and approach is very different to other online courses.

Our courses are structured into lessons which are self-paced and allow you to learn on any device that connects to the internet. We develop courses on behalf of our customers using the same approach making the learning process much more engaging and interesting.

Who can benefit?

• Companies wanting to provide learning programs for their employees
• Colleges and training institutions who find themselves falling behind the online training curve
• Software vendors who need to offer their training courses to their clients online
• Any business which needs to share knowledge with their customers, suppliers and business stakeholders

Some features of our learning style include:

• Self-paced study materials
• Can do your whole learning program through a mobile phone app
• Downloadable study guides
• Low data usage
• Interactive learning elements include summary animations for every lesson
• Speak to a real person on our support desk if you experience difficulties

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