Manufacturing Control Courses

The control of manufacturing processes requires leadership toward reduction of waste in the production environment.


The control of manufacturing processes requires leadership toward reduction of waste in the production environment. This includes the understanding of lean concepts and total quality management.

Manufacturing Control Courses:

SCML04 - General Management in JIT & Lean Manufacturing

The Just In Time (JIT) Manufacturing is a planning system that allows you to optimize your inventory. You will be able to interpret what you need to produce, when, and how many units. The Just In Time system is an example of a pull system. It depends on the demand and it does not rely on the traditional push system where mass production occurs. One of the main advantages to your organization when you adopt the JIT system is that you will be reducing waste and decreasing the costs. You will have less inventory and you will only produce goods when they are needed. This qualification is intended for people working in the manufacturing environment or those who want to work in a manufacturing environment.

SP04 - Manufacturing & Resources

The Lean Manufacturing Principles Skills Program is often called Just In Time (JIT) or Agile Manufacturing. It is an operating strategy that seeks to maximize operational effectiveness by creating value in the eyes of the end user/customer. Lean Manufacturing Principles can improve operating performance by focusing on the uninterrupted flow of products and materials through the value stream.

SC4 -JLM01 Principles of JIT & Lean Manufacturing

Lean and JIT supply chain management is a philosophy of continuous improvement and elimination of waste. Lean principles can be applied to both manufacturing  and service industries to improve operational performance. Inventory planning is an important element in continuous improvement.

SC4 -JLM02 Demand & Supply Planning

Understanding and managing demand is the foundation of good planning, which depends on effective MRP, while supply deals with purchasing and procurement. An important element of purchasing is the effective negotiation of contracts. 

SC4 -OPS03 Short Term Planning

Short term planning deals with the execution and control of production. MPS and MRP must be implemented while taking into account conditions on the shop floor, while capacity decisions must account for production lead time, customer responsiveness, and costs. This can be improved with the use of technology. 

SC4 -JLM03 Quality Management

To achieve quality, it is helpful to understand the principles and dimensions of quality. Quality includes cost management, quality at source, and the inspection of products.

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