Supply Chain Planning & Strategy Courses

Bizzco offers a number of options in the field of Operational Planning & Scheduling.


Bizzco offers a number of options in the field of Supply Chain Planning & Strategy .

Supply Chain Planning & Strategy Courses:

SCML11 - National Certificate in Strategic Supply Chain

Building effective and competitive strategy for Supply Chain Management means having a clear understanding of those factors that can influence the supply chain. This certification is aimed at overcoming the traditional functional approach to operations and management, and at fostering supply chain integration to the advantage of all stakeholders.

SCML03 - General Management in Operations Planning and Scheduling

This certification provides core and fundamental skills needed for a person working a planning and scheduling role. Planning involves the understanding of demand management and the role of forecasting, whereas scheduling is the detailed activities involved in a production facility. We cover all aspects of planning such as demand planning, material planning, capacity planning and master production scheduling.

SC4-BU04 - Importance of Customer Service

Providing top-notch customer service to internal and external customers can help a business retain customers, generate new business, increase spending per customer, boost the company brand, as well as improve the confidence and morale of employees. This short course explores the common customer services metrics and techniques employed to meet and exceed customer standards that set a company apart from its competitors in its interactions with the market.

SC4 -OPS01 Planning & Forecasting Environment

Businesses need to plan and strategize in order to be successful, which also means establishing a plan to measure performance. In the production environment, a production plan considers planning horizons, and conducting a forecast to match supply with demand and reduce areas of uncertainty.

SC4 -OPS02 Planning For Sales

Inventory is money. To maximize profits and meet customer demand, business must strike a fine balance between too much and too little inventory, while strengthening their supply chain relationships. This short course explores these elements.

SC5-SC01 SC Management Practices

Understanding the evolution of management as well as the principles underpinning basic management practices provides the groundwork for developing management practices. This short course explores the evolution of supply chain management and associations between leadership behaviours and implementation of supply chain management practices. The range of concepts, theories and methods employed to lead and manage individuals and teams are considered, and how they contribute to leading successful organizations.

SC5-SC02 SC Infrastructure

This short course explores that influence the choice of supply chain structures, the different types of organizational structures in supply chain organizations, and their strengths and weaknesses. In also investigates the key components and considerations for designing an effective and competitive logistics system. In addition, the fundamental parameters influencing facility location and key considerations of warehouse facility design are identified.

SC5-SC03 Fundamentals of SC

The evolution of supply chain and the tactical aspects of supply chain operations are unpacked in this short course, including procurement, inventory management, and many more.

SC5-SC04 SC Technology

This unit examines key considerations in implementing an integrated supply chain information system. The criteria for an effective information system are determined with due consideration of stakeholder requirements across supply chain boundaries. In addition, an impact analysis is conducted to determine the effect of demand information in the supply chain. 

SC5-SC05 SC Relationships

This unit explores the purposeful management of relationships between buyers and suppliers. Problems associated with supplier relationship management, contracts and information sharing are reviewed, and critical success factors identified. In addition, philosophical approaches to professional and ethical behavioural issues relating to supplier and customer relations are explored.

SC5-SC06 SC Performance

This unit explores strategies employed in managing and enhancing supply chain performance. Furthermore, examines how organizations use information, big data, and supply chain analytics to ensure continuous improvement.

SC5-SC07 SC Contracts

This unit unpacks fundamental principles of supply chain contract management, supplier selection methods and purchasing decisions across the supply chain. Furthermore, it explores negotiation tactics, countermeasures, and conflict styles for negotiation. In addition, supply chain risks, types of supply chain risk drivers and risk mitigation techniques are reviewed.

SC5-ST01 SC Business Strategy

Building and sustaining competitive advantage requires that the organization conducts a comprehensive strategic analysis that informs and aligns all its operations to organizational strategy. This is even more so after the radical and disruptive impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on global supply chains. This unit unpacks the concept of supply chain leadership and how Supply Chain Practitioners lead for change and harness high-performance teams in building effective and efficient operations.

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