Operational Planning & Scheduling Courses

Bizzco offers a number of options in the field of Operational Planning & Scheduling.


Bizzco offers a number of options in the field of Operational Planning & Scheduling.

Operational Planning & Scheduling Courses:

SCML03 Learnership: Operational Planning and Scheduling

This Learnership provides core and fundamental skills needed for a person working a planning and scheduling role. Planning involves the understanding of demand management and the role of forecasting, whereas scheduling is the detailed activities involved in a production facility. We cover all aspects of planning such as demand planning, material planning, capacity planning and master production scheduling.

Accreditation MerSETA Accredited Learnership NQF4 83988 154 Credits.

SCMSP03 Skills Program: Operational Planning

The Planning Team Leader not only is responsible for the planning function in the organisation, but also for managing the performance of a team. This Skills Program provides a comprehensive base for the management of the team, providing top quality customer service and ensuring that the planning and scheduling process in efficient and accurate.

MerSETA Accredited Skills Program NQF4 SP0908/14-17 47 Credits.

SCMSP07 Skills Program: Planning and Scheduling Skills

The role of a Planner and Scheduler requires a detailed knowledge of the operational planning requirements of the business. To be effective, a planner needs to understand how planning integrates with the whole supply chain and the impact that decisions they make will have.

MerSETA Accredited Skills Program NQF4 SP08488/13-17 24 Credits.

US0702 Short Course: Capacity Requirements Planning

Are you tasked with measuring capacity of a work centre or cell to accomplish a certain amount of work in a given period of time? Then this course is for you. In this course you will learn about the importance of lead time, the planning required to balance required capacity with available capacity and how this applies to manufacturing strategies.

MerSETA Accredited Short Course NQF4 377440 8 Credits.

US0703 Short Course: Material Requirements Planning

Do you understand the materials planning process? How important is it in your job role to be able to apply concepts like the bill of material and the inputs and outputs of the MRP? This course will give you an understanding of Bills of Material and the MRP process and what to be aware of to make MRP work for you and your organisation.

MerSETA Accredited Short Course NQF4 377386 5 Credits.

US0704 Short Course: Master Scheduling

This course highlights the different manufacturing environments and the different techniques used to plan and schedule in these different environments. The concept of rough-cut capacity planning is discussed and the context of when this is used in understood. All of these concepts come together to provide a master production schedule which matched demand with supply.

MerSETA Accredited Short Course NQF4 377402 5 Credits.

US0705 Short Course: Sales and Operations Planning

Planning is such a key function to the effective management of a supply chain. The way to bring this all together is with a Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) process. This methodology brings all the key decision makes into the planning process to ensure that goods are produced according to demand and that all materials are available when they are needed. This short course is beneficial to people working in a manufacturing environment who need to understand the role of sales and operations planning.

Accreditation MerSETA Accredited Short Course NQF4 377400 5 Credits.

US0705 Short Course: Forecasting Techniques

Forecasting demand has many influencing factors and the one sure thing we know about a forecast is that it is bound to be incorrect. The trick is for get as close to reality as possible by managing forecast error and understanding your market. This short course assists people working who need to know about and be able to use qualitative and quantitative forecasting techniques and models.

MerSETA Accredited Short Course NQF4 377382 8 Credits.

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