Policies & Procedures

Defines corporate governance and processes to guide their employees.


Most businesses will have a set of policies and procedures which define the governance and processes to guide their employees. The problem for many businesses however, is that these documents are often written and not revised as the business changes and grows. Policy and procedures should be revised at least every 2 years to reflect the operational requirements and to align processes to strategy.

Our Approach

When creating policy and procedure documents, we believe it is really important to understand the “as-is” status in the business. We use our Business Process Audit methodology to identify the current status and this informs future policy and procedures. Policies set the standards by which a company governs itself and procedures provide guidelines for step by step activities needed to perform a process.

Processes must take into account the systems and the people involved in the operation.

What to Expect

By choosing Bizzco to create, or update, policy and procedure documents, you can expect working documents which can be used to manage the day to day operations. Procedures are aligned to actual work flow and represent the policy standards and acknowledges Key Performance Indicators.

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