Purchasing & Procurement Courses

The world of Supply Chain Management is becoming increasingly dynamic and can change almost daily in response to global competitiveness, and as businesses embrace technology and new methodologies.


Bizzco offers a number of options in the field of Purchasing and Supply Chain Management. An accredited certification in this field will keep your team up to date on current practices. We teach productivity and give your business a much better chance of being successful and seeing a return on investment.

Choose between a full Learnership, a Skills Program or a Short Course.

Learning options include classroom based learning, remote access learning and on-line learning.

Purchasing & Procurement Courses:

SCML10 - Nat Cert: Procurement in the Supply Chain

This Learnership covers the elements the Supply Chain and Supply Chain Management. Planning is key to a successful supply chain at the strategic, operational, and tactical levels. In this course is covered supply chain philosophy, implementing a successful supply chain as well as demand, acquisition, distribution, and disposal concepts and purchasing in the supply chain.

SCML13 - Nat Cert: Public Procurement

Procurement in the public space comes with a whole lot of specific requirements. Commercial procurement is all about value and profitability, whilst public procurement must focus on public works and deigning strategic supply chains for municipalities. This Certification provides the foundations learning for supply chain management and key elements necessary for implementing a successful public sector supply chain.

CILTL5 BPD08 - Purchasing and Procurement

In this course we will examine the importance of purchasing and procurement. We will determine how supplier sourcing and partnerships affect the procurement process by examining the relevant negotiation processes used in the organization in accordance with negotiating with suppliers. Each business will define an organizational code of ethics which define how the business conducts itself and what is expected of its employees. We will cover a Philosophical approach to professional and ethical behavior are analyzed against own beliefs so as to determine an appropriate framework of behavior and practice.

GPSPLM13 - Supplier Negotiations

How to establish supplier relationships and the importance of it. The basic principles of a negotiation plan is determined and a strategy is established in order to negotiate with a supplier.

GPSPLM15 - Contract Implementation and Management

To establish a contract key terms and conditions must be included in the agreement to serve as a measure of performance. Implementation of Communication/engagement plans to inform stakeholders of strategy implementation process. Roll out is performed according to these plans and the relationships are analyzed and monitored.

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