Purchasing & Supply Chain Courses

The world of Supply Chain Management is becoming increasingly dynamic and can change almost daily in response to global competitiveness, and as businesses embrace technology and new methodologies.


Bizzco offers a number of options in the field of Purchasing and Supply Chain Management. An accredited certification in this field will keep your team up to date on current practices. We teach productivity and give your business a much better chance of being successful and seeing a return on investment.

Choose between a full Learnership, a Skills Program or a Short Course.

Learning options include classroom based learning, remote access learning and on-line learning.

Purchasing & Supply Chain Courses:

Procurement & Purchasing Learnership

This Learnership focuses on the role of the strategic purchasing and procurement practitioner. Purchasing is an integral part of effective supply chain management and understanding the interconnection is covered extensively in this Learnership. Using technology and building collaborative relationships is a key to successful procurement strategies.

Accreditation TETA Accredited Learnership 74149 Elective Steam – Procurement and Purchasing Management NQF5 152 Credits.

Strategic Supply Chain Learnership

Building effective and competitive strategy for Supply Chain Management means having a clear understanding of those factors that can influence the supply chain. This qualification is aimed at overcoming the traditional functional approach to operations and management, and at fostering supply chain integration to the advantage of all stakeholders.

Accreditation TETA Accredited Learnership Elective Steam – Strategic Supply Chain Management 74149 NQF5 151 Credits.

Public Procurement Learnership

Procurement in the public space comes with a whole lot of specific requirements. Commercial procurement is all about value and profitability, whilst public procurement must focus on public works and deigning strategic supply chains for municipalities. This Learnership provides the foundations learning for supply chain management and key elements necessary for implementing a successful public sector supply chain.

Accreditation TETA Accredited Learnership Elective Steam – Public Procurement 74149 NQF5 182 Credits.

Supply Chain and Materials Management

This course is widely regarded as the best instructor-led course to give delegates an introduction to the principles of Operations Management and Supply Chain Management. It is suitable for those working in the field who want to obtain or update their professional knowledge, those entering this field or working in a related field such as Purchasing, Accounting, Marketing or Engineering as well as the valuable positions ‘on-the-ground’ i.e. planners, schedulers, material handlers etc.

MerSETA Accredited Skills Programs combined into one learning program NQF4 SP850/13-17, SP867/13-17 and SP848/13-17.

Purchasing and Procurement in the Supply Chain

Procurement is a critical element for effective supply chain management and the importance of demand management needs to be understood. Procurement practices related to productivity, supplier selection, purchasing and black economic empowerment are discussed and understood in this course. This course is recommended for people working in the supply chain environment who are tasked to work within a purchasing and procurement environment.

Accreditation MerSETA Accredited Unit Standard NQF4 377380 5 Credits.

The Purchasing Cycle

This course is for people working in the operational environment who need to know about purchasing and the various relationships associated with it. This course also provides information about applying the supplier selection processes and the functional relationships which are part of the purchasing cycle.

Accreditation MerSETA Accredited Unit Standard NQF3 378013 5 Credits.

Supply Chain Performance Management

This course is intended for people who operate in the purchasing and procurement environment and need to identify ways to improve the performance of their supply chain. Data and information are key resources when analysing the performance and making decisions for improvement. Of course, no plans are complete with a means to measure their effectiveness.

Accreditation TETA Accredited Unit Standard NQF5 336708 8 Credits.

Monitor and Assess Risk in the Supply Chain

This course is intended for people who form part of the supply chain and are responsible for assessing and monitoring risk. Risk can be associated with both processes and operations and being able to identify where the risk lies and how to mitigate it is a key function.

Accreditation TETA Accredited Unit Standard NQF5 252025 8 Credits.

Supplier Negotiation

The process of negotiation with a supplier requires preparation and planning in order for the negotiation to be successful. Identifying what the key terms will be and what possible outcomes could result are all part of the planning process. This course is intended for people in the procurement environment who are required to negotiate with supplier to achieve a win-win outcome.

Accreditation TETA Accredited Unit Standard NQF5 252267 12 Credits.

Professional Values and Business Ethics

This course establishes a strong sense of professional values and ethics and the application of the concepts and principles of ethics in the professional environment. The learner will be exposed to developing an increased understanding of their own belief system and how it relates to the organisational code of conduct as well as the implications of inappropriate ethical conduct in the operational environment.

Accreditation TETA Accredited Unit Standard NQF4 335800 4 Credits.

Strategic Sourcing

Strategic sourcing is a key function of procurement and purchasing. It involves the identification of commodities into functional and logical groupings, establishing sourcing criteria and cross-functional team to provide input into the requirements. Data is collected and analysed to assist with decision making and existing contracts are examined. All of this information is used to determine which suppliers will be appointed and a contractual agreement is set in place.

Accreditation TETA Accredited Unit Standards NQF6 260097 and 260137 14 Credits.

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