SAPICS Endorsed Training Programs

SAPICS was created to represent the interests of supply chain and operations management professionals in Africa as an integral part of the global supply chain. SAPICS strives to have a meaningful impact on individuals, organizations and the profession as a whole, by being able to recommend high-quality educational programmes and provide world-class events that are relevant and up-to-date, and unsurpassed in value and quality.


Operations and Supply Chain Management are key drivers of an efficient economy, everything must link. The planning function spreads across the whole supply chain to ensure that raw materials are available when needed for production, that the manufacturing process is aligned to demand and that the demand is accurate and based on what the customer actually wants. Our programs teach these very important principles.

Bizzco has collaborated with SAPICS to provide quality training programs for people to achieve both South African (and SADC region) accreditation and SAPICS certification through the same learning intervention. All courses are available as online courses and learners can work at their own pace. Learners who complete their programs will receive accreditation from MerSETA and certification from SAPICS.

The Courses:

SCMW01 - Supply Chain & Materials Management

This is an extensive course designed to give learners an introduction to the principles of Operations Management and Supply Chain Management. This course covers the basic principles and techniques applicable to the practice of Supply Chain and Inventory Management. To ensure a successful supply chain system, a number of moving parts have to be taken into account. Pursuing a certification in this field will enhance your career and be both fulfilling and financially rewarding.

SCMSP26 - Inventory Team Leader

This skills program is ideal for delegates that seeks growth in the inventory and logistics environment and wants to expand their knowledge and add skillsets to their profile. The course looks at the management of both inventory and the inventory replenishment cycle, logistics operations and designing a distribution network for the movement of goods. The role of a team leader in the inventory environment and the alignment to business objectives and code of conduct are explored.

SCMSP03 - Operational Planning

The Planning Team Leader not only is responsible for the planning function in the organization, but also for managing the performance of a team. This Skills Program provides a comprehensive base for the management of the team, providing top quality customer service and ensuring that the planning and scheduling process in efficient and accurate.

SCMSP01 - Warehouse Team Leader

The Warehouse Team Leader is given a tremendous responsibility for not only ensuring that warehouse operations run smoothly, but also for ensuring that all team members are performing as they should. This course will provide the delegate with a deeper understanding of team dynamics, how to motivate and build a team and provide the fundamentals of warehousing and stock control.

SCMSP04 - Manufacturing & Resources

The Lean Manufacturing Principles Skills Program is often called Just In Time (JIT) or Agile Manufacturing. It is an operating strategy that seeks to maximize operational effectiveness by creating value in the eyes of the end user/customer. Lean Manufacturing Principles can improve operating performance by focusing on the uninterrupted flow of products and materials through the value stream.

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