Sponsor a Learner

We have access to many potential candidates who can benefit.


Corporate Social Investment is a big factor for many businesses operating in the South African environment. Sponsoring an unemployed learner and giving them an opportunity to gain workplace experience, and a certification, not only addresses the CSI requirements, but also provides a life-line for an individual who may never have such an opportunity. Our 12 month Learnership programs provide quality learning experiences which work hand in hand with workplace application and on-site mentoring.

We have access to many potential candidates who can benefit. We have a stringent recruitment process to identify those who will remain committed to the program and have the best opportunity for success.

Possible Learnership options include Warehouse and Stock, Manufacturing Control, Logistics and Inventory Replenishment, Planning and Scheduling, Purchasing and Procurement.


As a short term employer for the duration of the Learnership, you are required to provide the learner with the workplace experience in which to do practical assignments; you are required to provide a mentor to assist the learner with their assignments; you are require to pay for their training costs; you are required to pay the learner a stipend to cover travel and cost of living costs. There are many funding options and other benefits available to employers who take on an unemployed learner. Not to mention the pleasure of providing an opportunity to someone who could even become your star employer!

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