Supervisory & Management Practices Courses

The art of becoming a good supervisor and leader requires a certain understanding.


The art of becoming a good supervisor and leader requires a certain understanding of methodologies and approaches to business practice. A good leader not only has the skills but also the knowledge of how to motive and provide an environment which encourages growth.

Supervisory & Management Practices Courses:

CILTL3 BCERT01 - Business Theory

This course in business theory provides the delegate with a broad understanding of logistics, inventory value and distribution planning. All plans begin with understanding demand and this course provides valuable information on this and effective ways to communicate.

CILTL3 BCERT02 - Business Application

This course teaches the practical side of business application, such as how to provide quality customer services, making use of company policies, procedures and performance measurements to improve operations and the fundamentals of managing a team.

CILTL5 BPD01 - Management in Transport and Logistics

Good management practices are a crucial part of running an efficient supply chain. Technology and performance management systems provide good structure for building strong relationships and teams.

GIRPLM10 - Motivate and Build a Team

Teamwork is important in any company. A strong team will ensure the success of a department as well as a business. Knowing the purpose of a team, the team dynamics, how to set goals and motivate a team is important to create a team that believes in teamwork.

GPSPLM10 - Ethics in the Supply Chain

In this course we will discuss the foundation, applying, analyzing of ethics and a foundation for business practice. Professional and ethical behavior form the foundation for quality relationships and business practice.

GPSPLM20 - Project Management

Key concepts of project management are discussed, Management of the project, time, quality, human resources, communication, risk, supply, and competencies. The effective management of the key concepts and the impact on the organization.

GPSPLM21 - Corporate Governance

Supply chain strategy has a direct impact on corporate governance. Corporate governance must consider legislation and environmental issues when developing corporate strategy and analyzing the contributions.

GPSPLM08 - Management Practice

In this course we look at the evolution of management practices, organizational behavior and leadership. These are identified, analyzed, and evaluated to determine effectiveness and establish possible improvements.

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