Supervisory & Management Practices Courses

The art of becoming a good supervisor and leader requires a certain understanding.


The art of becoming a good supervisor and leader requires a certain understanding of methodologies and approaches to business practice. A good leader not only has the skills but also the knowledge of how to motive and provide an environment which encourages growth.

Supervisory & Management Practices Courses:

SC4-BU01 Effective Leadership

What does it take to be an effective leader? This short course examines the concept of leadership and the tools available to leaders to develop their leadership skills and become more effective in leading their teams.

SC4-BU02 - Effective Teams

This short course explores the fundamental characteristics of successful teams in the workplace. It examines the role of the leader, team dynamics, the implications of motivational theories on organizational and managerial decisions and how this impacts team output. Furthermore, looks at the code of conduct and code of ethics guiding individuals, groups, the organizations, and society at large. Best practices on documenting and recording the meetings as well as problems and other issues related to organised discussions are also covered.

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