Supply Chain Skills in the 2022 Critical Skills List

02 March 2022

It’s been a long eight years since the Department of Home Affairs gazetted the Critical Skills List (CSL) in South Africa. The ever-evolving industry requirements, fuelled by the so-called Industry 4.0 and of course the Covid-19 pandemic have of late brought about vast skills requirements and reshaped work across the supply chain in just about all sectors. Against this backdrop, it is expected that most nations will review and update their own critical skills lists to attract top talent across the globe.

In South Africa, it is envisaged that this very list keeps the nation on course to realise the objectives set out in the 2030 National Development Plan.

Read: National Development Plan 2030

As expected, there are significant changes in the 2022 CSL compared to that of 2014. Whilst more than 200 occupations were catered for in 2014, the 2022 CSL makes provision for 101.The inclusion of Supply and Distribution Managers is absolutely no surprise.

Read: Critical Skills List (CSL) can be found in the government gazette

This however does not necessarily solve the immediate need by the industry for 21st-century skills in a post-pandemic world. According to a 2022 Coursera report, 85 million jobs globally will be displaced by automation in 2025. A Fortune/Deloitte CEO Survey found that 73% of 117 leading CEOs representing more than 15 industries indicated that labour/skills shortage will influence or disrupt their business strategy within the next 12 months. Statistics from June 2021 indicate that 31% of the CEOs did not expect effects of the pandemic on their businesses to be over in the foreseeable future. It also flags that one of the biggest challenges faced by the CEO today is:

Maintaining forward momentum with an exhausted global workforce and continued labour and supply chain challenges daily.

A ManpowerGroup Employment Outlook Survey Q3 2021, found that Operations/Logistics was the topmost out of Top Five In-Demand Roles.

Again, the 2022 Job Skills Report by Coursera ranks Supply Chain Systems as number seven in the category of fastest-growing digital/technical skills. Operations management and business process management are ranked nine and ten respectively 

There is no better time, than now to consider a career in supply chain as industries across the globe continue to battle disruptions. Now more than ever organisations must build disruption tough supply chains. This may very well require that focus is put on the Supply Chain Professional. Do they have the necessary skills to thrive in an agile and digitally driven world?

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Written by Staff Content Writer, Raymond Moyo.