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Skills growth through workplace application and mentoring.


At Bizzco, we specialize in providing the best quality training for practitioners in the operations and supply chain environment. Through our workplace application assignments and mentoring approach to training, we work with a team to see the big picture and understand the impact that their job role has on the larger supply chain. We help to identify the key improvements that a business wants to achieve through training and assist with monitoring the progress.

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Achieve with our in-depth courses:

CILT Endorsed

Bizzco has been endorsed by CILT to offer learning pathways for students wanting to achieve an international certification as well as local accreditation. The full range of short courses that Bizzco offers have been endorsed and will earn the delegate CPD points on completion. The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT) are the leading international body for everyone who works within supply chain, logistics and transport. CILT supports the professionals who plan the roads, drive the trucks, bring in the raw materials, and store the goods safely.

SAPICS Endorsed

As an Authorised Education Partner of SAPICS, having a selection of our online skills programs endorsed means that we are able to offer our students both a local accreditation and a certificate from the higher regarded SAPICS professional body. SAPICS is an African based organisation which has a long history of impacting the lives of people by creating a strong network of supply chain professionals and supporting them through membership.

Warehouse &
Stock Management

Bizzco offers a number of options in the field of Warehouse and Stock Management. An accredited certification in this field will keep your team up to date on current practices. We teach productivity and give your business a much better chance of being successful and seeing a return on investment.

Purchasing &
Supply Chain

Bizzco offers training interventions across the whole of the supply chain, from the procurement process right through to the delivery of consumer goods. We provide learnerships and short courses that teach efficiency across the supply chain including the field of purchasing and supply chain management.

Inventory &

Bizzco offers various courses in the field of Inventory, Materials and Replenishment Management. An accredited certification in this field will keep your team up to date on current practices. We teach productivity and give your business a much better chance of being successful and seeing a return on investment.

Logistics &

Logistics and distribution are the critical movement of inventory function throughout the supply chain. It involves the process of bringing goods into your business, managing them whilst in your control and distributing them to multiple destinations, whether within your own country or across borders.

Quality Management & Productivity

Quality in the operational environment is a function which needs management and control to ensure that the business is not a risk. Establishing a culture of ensuring quality at source is a key factor in ensuring that all deliverables are of the highest standard of quality. Quality management means getting the right product and the right time and in the right quantity at every step of the supply chain.

Operational Planning & Scheduling

Without effective planning, no supply chain can run effectively. Planning at the strategic level, the operational level and the detail task-oriented level are all important aspects and make the difference between an efficient and competitive supply chain and one that is not. The Bizzco course offering provides the necessary skills to enhance the planning function in the supply chain.


The control of manufacturing processes requires leadership toward reduction of waste in the production environment. This includes the understanding of lean concepts and total quality management. Accurate detailed scheduling will create efficiency throughout the supply and making the best use of resources can only be done with accurate date.


A global certification awarded by the Association of Supply Chain and Materials Management (ASCM) will set you up to advance your career in supply chain and operations management. Choose to excel in your career with a globally recognised certification such as CPIM and CSCP.

Supervisory & Leadership Skills

The art of becoming a good supervisor and leader requires a certain understanding of methodologies and approaches to business practice. A good leader not only has the skills but also the knowledge of how to motive and provide an environment which encourages growth.

Mathematics & Problem Solving

Understanding mathematics and statistics will give a person working in the supply chain environment the edge. Mathematics can be used in every warehouse, in every planning function, in procurement and logistics and for scheduling and controlling manufacturing.

Communication in the Workplace

Communication in the workplace means being able to not only read and write correctly, but also being able to present information in such a way that it is easy to understand. Using these skills to present reports, conduct meetings and teach others within the workplace and essential tools for the team leader.

Customer Care

Happy customers are the key to a successful business. If we do not monitor the effects of service levels and customer satisfaction, we will not know how to improve.

& Budgeting

Even in the operational and supply chain environment, it is critical for leaders to have an understanding of finances, cost management and budgeting. This knowledge helps to make informed decisions which make the best impact on the business.


Organisation discipline implies an understating of how businesses work and how we participate in a business. Every business has its own code of conduct and ethical stance, all employees of business need to know how their business functions and what organisation discipline is expected on them.

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