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We specialize in providing the best quality training for practitioners in the supply chain environment.

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We believe in producing productivity improvement for our clients as a direct result of our training interventions.

An accredited certification in the field of supply chain and materials management will keep your team up to date on current practices. We teach productivity and give your business a much better chance of being successful and seeing a return on investment made on skills development.

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At Bizzco, we are always on the lookout for people with practical experience in the field of supply chain and operations management who want to give back to the industry by being involved in part time facilitation and consultation. If this speaks to you, send us your CV.

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    Our Methodology

    Bizzco offers skills training for all levels within the supply chain. We start with foundational learning to teach the elemental requirements for working in a business. Skills such as maths and communication are often highlighted as lacking in the assessment process and we provide learning paths to address this. We are a registered training provider with MERSETA and TETA, we provide Learnerships, Skills Programs, Short Courses and Workshops.

    Our training programs combine a structured learning component with practical work experience which is acquired while being employed in a company, government department or small business.

    Training options available to our clients include: classroom based training, remote access training and on-line digital learning.

    Learnerships & Skills Programs

    Learnerships have many benefits for companies, not only do they provide an excellent training and skills development avenue, but they also provide the practical workplace experience for the learner. Companies who embark on Learnerships are able to access SETA funding, obtain B-BBEE score points, tax rebates and many other financial benefits.

    Learning Mechanisms

    Bizzco offers classroom based training, remote access training and on-line training.

    Classroom based training involves a facilitator presenting lessons either in our training centre in Lonehill or on-site at your premises. A minimum or 6 learners is required for a classroom based training program. Public courses are available for some of our courses.

    Remote access training extends the classroom based training environment to people who may be located in different areas but want to attend the same training program. Remote access allows students to “log-in” to a lesson with the use of wifi technology and be present in the classroom via this method. The student has access to both the facilitator and the other students through video and sound.

    On-line digital training gives the student access to their lessons, course materials, workbooks, assignments and assessments on-line. The student is linked to our Learner Management System (LMS) via a login and has access to download all of their materials to any device; computer, tablet or smart phone.

    Individuals wanting to attend our training courses can select any program and take this course on-line at a much-reduced rate. Speak to us about a free sample lesson.

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    We offer industry-based supply chain Training  & Development, Competency Assessments and Advisory Services.