Warehouse & Stock Courses

Inventory is often the most valuable asset that a business owns. Those who are responsible for its safe keeping and control have responsible positions. Training on the correct management practices is essential for good Warehouse and stock Management.


Bizzco offers a number of options in the field of Warehouse and Stock Management. An accredited certification in this field will keep your team up to date on current practices. We teach productivity and give your business a much better chance of being successful and seeing a return on investment.

Choose between a full Learnership, a Skills Program or a Short Course.

Learning options include classroom based learning, remote access learning and on-line learning.

Warehouse & Stock Courses:

SCML01 - Gen Man: Warehouse and Stock Management

Warehousing and stock control are often thought of as simple tasks which do not require much skill. However, with the sophistication that has been brought into the supply chain and the need for everyone to be attuned and functioning at their peak, many businesses have come to realise the importance of high-quality training for warehouse personnel.

SCMSP01 - Warehouse Team Leader

The Warehouse Team Leader is given a tremendous responsibility for not only ensuring that warehouse operations run smoothly, but also for ensuring that all team members are performing as they should. This course will provide the delegate with a deeper understanding of team dynamics, how to motivate and build a team and provide the fundamentals of warehousing and stock control.

CLITL5 BPD05 - Warehouse Management

Warehouse management includes having a clear vision of logistics strategy. This includes the location of the facility, the activities within the warehouse and making the best use of technology to improve warehouse operations.

GWIPLM06 - Warehouse Efficiency, Rules and Regulations

As with all successful business operations, warehouse personnel have responsibilities and rules which are designed to make matters more effective. In this course we discuss each activity that warehouse practitioners are responsible for, with tips and points for making this a breeze.

GWIPLM07 - Storage and Movement of Goods

As inventory moves through the supply chain, accurate records must be maintained to ensure that inventory accuracy is maintained. In this course we highlight where special attention is required for a smooth flow of inventory.

GWIPLM08 - Responsible Material Handling

Material Handling refers to the role of ensuring that inventory is always in good condition and is properly handled, moved, controlled, and protected. This includes whilst it is being off-loaded, stored, packed for delivery, transported, and delivered.

GWIPLM09 - Inbound Inventory

When inventory arrives from a supplier, the Warehouse Practitioner’s responsibilities are hugely important. The attention paid to the receiving and put-away process of inventory can set the scene for all future contact with these inventory items. Speed and accuracy play an important role.

GWIPLM10 - Outbound Inventory

Understanding all the process involved in outbound logistics including cross border, international and reverse logistics is important. Focusing on quality always is also crucial for a successful supply chain.

GWIPLM11b - Stock Taking and Cycle Counting

Stock accuracy is at the heart of every supply chain. If practitioners cannot trust the stock levels on the system, then the entire supply chain is compromised. Stock taking and cycle counting are key elements to ensure that stock accuracy occurs.

GWIPLM - Dangerous Goods Handling

Goods classified as dangerous or hazardous require special attention. There is legislation which must be complied with when handling such goods and this course will provide valuable insight into these requirements.

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