What Has Bizzco Been Up To

During this time of lockdown, the Bizzco team has been crazy busy working on our online learning materials to update certain modules in line with new trends in the supply chain, such as 4IR and using technology to streamline operations. We are using this time to add new short courses, updating our animations and create really exciting programs for our customers.

What does Bizzco do? We develop and offer online training courses which teach skills in the world of supply chain and operation management. That means the whole Supply Chain; from sourcing through to production, logistics and transportation, warehousing and inventory management, customer service and reverse logistics, all underpinned by efficient planning and scheduling.

We also provide a customised training material development service. If you have a need to develop online learning materials which incorporate your procedures and standards, we will develop on your behalf and provide you with learning programs which not only teach your employees about your corporate culture and operational processes, but can also align these course to unit standards to give you the best opportunity for providing accredited training.

Online learning is the way to go and our approach is completely different and engage for learners. No boring lectures, no death by PowerPoint, only interesting, brief and topic centric lessons with meaningful assessment tools. And best of all, no high data usage..! Talk to us about how we can help you get your team skilled and productive.

We can also set up and manage your LMS for you. Manage the skills development process of your teams and get meaningful reports and outputs through our LMS management service.


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