What Skills Are Most Critical to Implementing an Efficient Supply Chain?

20 January 2022

The Covid -19 pandemic has more than ever before shown us that there is a need to leverage emerging technologies like the IoT, blockchain, robotics, big data, cloud and connected platform technologies to mitigate the impact of disruptive events on the supply chain. However, the question is whether employees have the necessary skills to take advantage of these technologies, which are becoming an essential part of the job description for many supply chain roles. Accenture Strategy Research reveals that 90 percent of supply chain executives feel that supply chain performance will rely heavily on supply chain personnel during the next three years.

The Association for Supply Chain Management (ASCM), in its 2021 Report, states that 48% of supply chain professionals are working at home and will need to upskill as a result of the pandemic.

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Areas that need upskilling are in the digital supply chain, leadership, and supply chain risk management.

Supply chain roles have evolved and continue to do so as the world becomes smaller. Technology advances allow managers to take advantage of data analytics to troubleshoot problemsidentify opportunities and make timely, well-informed decisions. There is absolutely no doubt that the future of the supply chain workforce will be determined by technology talent. In a 2017 report,  Michael Myer of Accenture  Strategy determined  that this is the key business goal for 54% of supply chain executives leading up to 2022. These technology tools release untapped human potential, and those who take full advantage set themselves up for sustainable success.

For a successful supply chain career, technical and leadership abilities are required. The top five leadership skills identified in the 2020 Supply Chain Salary and Career Survey Report by ASCM are:

·         Effective Communication

·         Collaboration with others

·         Critical thinking

·         Big picture future planning

·         Problem-solving

There is no doubt that the combination of human and machine drives operational efficiency and effectively creates new value. True supply chain leaders understand that technology is inescapable and will endeavour to develop their skills and those of their teams and explore these technologies on an ongoing basis.low

Written by Staff Content Writer, Raymond Moyo.