SETA Learnerships

NQF Level 3 Learnerships

SCML01 – Learnership National Certificate: Management: Stores and Warehousing

Warehousing and stock control are often thought of as simple tasks which do not require much skill. However, with the sophistication that has been brought into the supply chain and the need for everyone to be attuned and functioning at their peak, many businesses have come to realise the importance of high-quality training for warehouse personnel. This certification covers all aspects of managing inventory within the warehouse, from incoming to stock taking.

NQF Level 4 Learnerships

SCML02 – Learnership FET Certificate: Generic Management: Inventory and Inventory Control

Managing inventory and understanding the rules related to having the right inventory at the right time is an important skill. This certification unpacks inventory replenishment and the cost of ordering, and the cost of not ordering, at the right time. Also covered is the distribution network, a crucial element in meeting customer demands and providing excellent service.

SCML03 – FET Certificate: Generic Management: Planning
and Scheduling Techniques

This certification provides core and fundamental skills needed for an employee in a planning and scheduling role. Planning involves the understanding of demand management and the role of forecasting, whereas scheduling are the detailed activities involved in a production facility. All aspects of planning such as demand planning, material planning, capacity planning and master
production scheduling are covered.

SCML04 – FET Certificate: Generic Management: Manufacturing Control

Just In Time (JIT) manufacturing is a planning system that allows inventory to be optimized by identifying what needs to be produced, when, and to how many units. JIT is an example of a pull system which depends on demand, unlike a traditional push system where mass production occurs. A company using JIT carries less inventory and only produces goods when they are needed. This certification covers all elements of JIT.

NQF Level 5 Learnerships

SCML10 – National Certificate: Procurement in the Supply Chain

This Learnership covers the elements the Supply Chain and Supply Chain Management. Planning is key to a successful supply chain at the strategic, operational, and tactical levels. In this course is covered supply chain philosophy, implementing a successful supply chain as well as demand, acquisition, distribution, and disposal concepts and purchasing in the supply chain.

SCML11 – National Certificate: Strategic Supply Chain

An efficient and smooth functioning supply chain needs an effective and competitive management strategy. Creating this strategy needs a good understanding of leadership principles, change management, and relationships with internal and external suppliers. This certification enables to look beyond traditional approaches to operations and management, and foster supply chain integration to the advantage of all Learn More stakeholders.

SCML12 – National Certificate: Logistics in the Supply Chain

Whether it is public knowledge or not, the fact is that our lives are impacted every day by a supply chain. Every item that you purchase, or use in a
manufacturing process, will be handled and managed by many supply chains. This intricate web of stakeholders who make this possible are the key
learnings of this certification. All those who practice within a supply chain need to understand the full extent of the supply chain and how their role plays an important part in the success of a supply chain.

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