Short Courses

Communication and Business Skills Level 4

NQF Level 4 Short Courses

8398(7-9) CF03 – Business Communication

Communication is two way street. There is a sender and a receiver. It is important to be able to communicate effectively – both in receiving communication and sending it out. It is a skill that can be developed.

SC4-BU06 – Effective Business Communication

Language is all around us. We use language to communicate and create common
understanding through writing, speech and symbols. Knowing how to utilize the tools of language effectively has a huge impact on how well you communicate.

SC4-BU08 – Maths Calculations and Business Communication

Math and communication are both fundamental skills that every warehouse
practitioner needs. Knowing how to calculate storage needs, as well as how to
communicate with other people within the business are vital to performance.

8398(7-9) CF01 – Calculations and Statistics

Mathematics, numbers and statistics are used every day in the supply chain. As Inventory Practitioners, knowing how to identify and solve problems, how to interpret statistics and how to optimise space usage are some of the key skills you will learn.

SC4-BU07 – Using Maths and Statistics in Business

We use maths every day, in our personal and business lives. A fundamental knowledge of shape and mass provide us with the information we need to plan space and storage needs, while an understanding of how information can be collected.

8398(7-9) CF04 – Motivate and Build a Team

Team work is important in any company. A strong team will ensure the success of a department as well as a business. Knowing the purpose of a team, the team dynamics, how to set goals and motivate a team is important.

SC4-BU03 – Setting Objectives

Every company starts with a vision of what they want to achieve, but without a plan, they are bound to fail. This short course examines the steps in identifying the objectives that will result in company success.

SC4-BU04 – Importance of Customer Service (Short)

Providing top-notch customer service to internal and external customers can help a business retain customers, generate new business, increase spending per customer, boost the company brand, as well as improve the confidence and morale.

8398(7-9) CF02 – Importance of Customer Service

This course emphasises the importance of customer service to a business in detail. The importance of a customer and the effects poor service has on a business. The module also addresses the impact of inventory on customer service.

SC4-BU05 – Personal and Interpersonal Skills

Personal skills are often translated into business skills. Knowing how to create a budget, solve problems, and manage time are all skills that can make you more effective in the work environment.

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