Short Courses

Inventory and Replenishment Practices

NQF Level 3 Short Courses

83986 M05 – The Importance and Value of Inventory in the Supply Chain

Every business that sells products has a supply chain. The management of the inventory can make a business a success or a failure. In this module you will learn the influence that inventory has on the Supply chain and the importance that inventory has in achieving success.

83986 M11 – Inventory in Manufacturing & Stock Taking

Manufacturing is the process of converting raw materials and components into finished products. Different approaches to manufacturing will have a different impact on the quantity and type of inventory required to service the production facility. Issuing material to production and receiving unused material.

SC3-IN01 – Introduction to Inventory

Organisations need proper warehousing management to store, keep and protect the millions of dollars in inventory and materials handling equipment. This unit compares the different types of warehouses and the safe use of major categories of materials handling equipment in the warehouse.

NQF Level 4 Short Courses

83987 E01 – Inventory Valuation and Replenishment

Each inventory item has a value and the combined value of all inventories must be accurate – why? In this course, we discover how inventory is valued and what this means to the financial statements of the business. Inventory Valuation and Replenishment practises are unpacked.

83987 E02 – Inventory Management Methods

Inventory management is an important concept in the Supply Chain. Without effective inventory management, the company can face losses – not only financially but with reputation and with customers. Understanding what inventory is, and the reason we hold it is very important.

8398(7,9) E02 – Inventory in the Supply Chain

For businesses which manufacture and sell products, the management of the inventory which they own is critical to the success of the business. Identification of different types of inventory and implementing performance metrics to measure our inventory are discussed in this module.

SC4-IN01 – Inventory Basics

Effective inventory management is vital to any business that makes or sells a product. Understanding the different types of inventory, reasons for holding inventory, how it is measured, and the components used to create inventory are important foundations in understanding how inventory is measured.

SC4-IN02 – Inventory Measurements & Replenishment

Managing inventory effectively means to know when to order and how much to order to balance the needs of the business and the needs of the customer. This short course examines the factors that need to be considered in maintaining this balance.

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