Short Courses

Logistics and Transportation

NQF Level 4 Short Courses

SC4-IN03 – Inventory Distribution Principles

Knowing how to value, store and distribute inventory is incredibly important for effective warehouse management. This short course covers these different factors, and how decisions in these areas impact the business.

83987 E03 – Logistics: Warehouse Management

Warehouses are like the heart of the business. Knowing how to manage one efficiently should always be on the forefront of any business as a warehouse holds our most important asset – our inventory!

83987 E04 – Logistics: Distribution & Transport Management

Distribution management is about overseeing the movement of goods from supplier or manufacturer to the point of sale. Distribution can be a very expensive part of business and therefore needs to be monitored and managed responsibly.

NQF Level 5 Short Courses

74149 M06c – Logistics in the Supply Chain

Effective logistics revolves around five key issues – movement of product, movement of information, time/service, cost, and integration. Each of these is critical to the success of logistics, to creating value-added to the company and improving competitiveness.

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