Short Courses

Supervisory and Management Practices

NQF Level 4 Short Courses

83988 E01 – Introduction to Supply Chain Management

This course serves as an introduction to supply chain management. Understanding the end to end supply chain, the external vs the internal supply chain as well as the overall performance of the supply chain.

SC4-BU01 – Effective Leadership

What does it take to be an effective leader? This short course examines the concept of leadership and the tools available to leaders to develop their leadership skills and become more effective in leading their teams.

SC4-BU02 – Build an Effective Team

This short course explores the fundamental characteristics of successful teams in the workplace. It examines the role of the leader, team dynamics, the implications of motivational theories on organizational and managerial decisions.

NQF Level 5 Short Courses

SC5-SC01 – Supply Chain Management Practices

This unit unpacks the evolution of management as well as the principles underpinning basic management practices. It also explores the evolution of supply chain management and associations between leadership behaviours and implementation.

74149 M01 – Supply Chain Principles

This course is focused on Supply Chain Management philosophy and principles. How to implement a successful supply chain, choosing the right systems, and improvements. It also looks at the impact of the supply chain on organisational objectives and finances.

74149 M02 – Managing the Supply Chain

This course is an overview of managing a successful supply chain. Unpacking project management, organisational structure, leadership and the evolution of management practices.

74149 M03 – Ethics and Managing Supply Chain Relationships

Ethics is explored as a foundation for best business practices and the successful implementation thereof in the workplace. This course also looks at the relationship and communication of stakeholders in the supply chain, internal and external.

74149 M04 – Supply Chain Leadership

This course is focused on the management of inventory, the how, the why and the cost. Then we also look at supplier contract management from establishment to performance measurement.

74149 M05 – Supply Chain in Global Environment

How to assess and apply the key issues critical for compliance with corporate governance principles as well as reflect on the importance of international trade, market analysis and segmentation.

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