Short Courses

Supply Chain Planning and Strategy

NQF Level 4 Short Courses

SC4-OPS01 – Planning & Forecasting Environment

Businesses need to plan and strategize in order to be successful, which also means establishing a plan to measure performance. In the production environment, a production plan considers planning horizons, and creating a forecast to match supply.

SC4-OPS02 – Planning for Sales

Inventory is money. To maximize profits and meet customer demand, business must strike a fine balance between too much and too little inventory, while strengthening their supply chain relationships. This short course explores these elements.

8398(7-8) E01 – Sales and Operational Planning

As businesses grow and develop, they must create a strategic plan on how this growth and development will take place. This module focuses on the long term planning and business strategies required to keep a company ahead of the market and on track.

NQF Level 5 Short Courses

SC5-SC02 – Supply Chain Infrastructure

This course explores factors that influence the choice of supply chain structures, the different types of organizational structures in supply chain organizations, and their strengths and weaknesses. It also investigates the key components of the logistics.

SC5-SC03 – Fundamentals of Supply Chain

The course examines the strategic, tactical and operational issues in supply chain management. Furthermore, review the concepts of demand, acquisition, distribution, and disposal. Evaluation of the Supply to determine its impact on objectives.

SC5-SC04 – Supply Chain Technology

This unit examines key considerations in implementing an integrated supply chain information system. The criteria for an effective information system are determined with due consideration of stakeholder requirements across supply chain boundaries.

SC5-SC05 – Supply Chain Relationships

This unit explores the purposeful management of relationships between buyers and suppliers. Problems associated with supplier relationship management, contracts and information sharing are reviewed, and critical success factors identified.

SC5-SC06 – Supply Chain Performance

This unit explores strategies employed in managing and enhancing supply chain performance. Furthermore, examines how organisations use information, big data, and supply chain analytics to ensure continuous improvement.

74149 M06a – Strategic Supply Chain

Strategic planning must look at all aspects of a business, not just the profitability. Strategic plan must also take into account the impact that the business has on its environment and its stance on ethics and sustainability.

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